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We believe Aquascaping is more than just a simple aquarium hobby. Aquascaping is a way of life and a passionate one at that. Since 2013 we have found ourselves slap bang in the middle of the Aquascaping community, growing and learning alongside all you talented and creative artists.

Every regulator shipped out is the beginning of a new journey. Through social media we are able to follow, support and enjoy all your amazing aquascapes and we believe our place in the community is what makes us who we are. Without you, we are just another company.

When you buy from CO2 ART you get more than what you paid for, you get a friend for life. Lets grow together.



Successfully establishing a healthy ecosystem inside an aquarium is worth acknowledging. When we take things further, creating an aesthetically pleasing underwater work of art that also happens to be a healthy ecosystem, well that really is an achievement worth recognising.

Aquascaping is more than simply maintaining healthy aquarium plants and fish, it is a very specific skill. We launched The Aquascaping Awards to both acknowledge and award the worlds best Aquascape’s, while challenging you, the Aquascaper to push yourself to achieve your true potential.
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When a community works together, great things happen.

Welcome to the CO2 ART blog. Through the support of the aquascaping community, we hope you find useful and interesting articles. Our support team have created several helpful subjects aimed at making your aquascaping journey with CO2 ART as enjoyable as possible.
You will also discover special articles submitted by our CO2 ARTISTS who have shared a personal experience or unique point of view which all make for excellent reads.

If you would like to submit your own article for the CO2 ART blog, please contact support@co2art.eu

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Sometimes even professional aquascapers need a little help…

Welcome to the CO2 ART support portal. Here you should find all the information you need on all of our products. Our support team have put together some self help tutorials and resolutions based on the most popular questions. We regularly update this section so please check in regularly for more on how to get the best out of your CO2 ART equipment. We hope you find what you are looking for here and get back to enjoying your planted tank again.

If you still require assistance, you can contact our support team direct via the email support@co2art.eu and they will respond as soon as possible. Our support team and experienced aquascapers too who are happy to help with any questions you might have.

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